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Trading shouldn't be a gamble. In order to become profitable in the market, you must have experience, patience and discipline. We pride ourselves in using these attributes to provide our members with easy executable trading signals.

Why you should trade with us?

FalconFX consists a team of traders with over 20 years of trading experience, including institutional trading experience.

As a member, you will receive highly profitable trading signals traded by our team.

Every order that FalconFX executes is sent out to our members. We trade our own signals, unlike many of our competitors.

Our signals are precise and simple to understand. We give you the direction, entry, stoploss and limit price. Our trades will always be orders , allowing our members to place the trade well before the entry price has reached.

Join our team today and let's start making money together.

How we send our signals?

Members can log in to the site and have access to all the signals and community features. We also have the option to send our signals by email and/or by SMS (Text message).

Community Features.

When our members log in, they will have access to all the live trades as well as our 24hour 7 days a week live chatroom.

We do not put down other signal providers to promote ourselves because we are very confident in our trading success that we more than welcome you to compare us to other signal providers.





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